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What are Brave Rewards? What are Brave Rewards? You want the Internet without ads, but most of the Internet is ad-supported. The question is about how fair these ads are. If you agree to see ads approved by Brave, you support fair advertisement and at the same time get rewards in BAT (Brave Advertisement Tokens). So far you can only spend these tokens on supporting the sites you like, redistributing Brave’s rewards. But, in fact, you don’t have to activate these rewards: it’s the ad-free Internet you download Brave web browser for, right?
What Are Brave Crypto Wallets?
What Are Brave Crypto Wallets? It’s the original addon that lets you work with cryptocurrencies right within your Brave internet browser, quickly and safely. Supported wallets so far include online wallets by Ledger and Trezor plus local wallets for cryptocurrencies.
Are Extensions Supported in All Versions?
Are Extensions Supported in All Versions?

Extensions for Brave are, in fact, extensions for Chrome. They are supported because Brave Browser for Windows 10 and other desktop platforms are based on the Chromium engine. Like in case of Google Chrome, extensions work on any desktop version, regardless of the platform, but not on mobile ones.
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Advantages of Brave Browser: Why It’s Worth a Shot Of course, you already have your default browser on your device, be it Safari, Edge, or Google Browser (and maybe Chrome). But all of them tend to show web pages as they are, and the way they are now is spoiled with ads terribly. Brave web browser is brave enough to make the Internet great again.

Its safety options include blocking ads on sites, blocking automatic authentication by Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, connection upgrade to HTTPS whenever it’s possible, and so on. It’s said to be one of the safest browsers available in 2020. No wonder: Brave Software founder Brendan Eich is the creator of JavaScript, so he is really good.

If you want seamless experience on desktops and mobile devices, Brave is a good option. Say, download Brave Browser for Windows 10 on your laptop, Mac version for your home iMac, a Brave Browser APK for any Android device, and an iOS version for your iPad. All of them can be synced, so you can sync your passwords, bookmarks, even tabs, and sessions.

To try syncing, after installing the mobile version of Brave Browser download Windows 10 (or another desktop) version. Then select the Sync option in the menu and follow the instructions. To sync two computers, you’ll need a 24-word code, similar to that you protect your crypto wallets with. Thus, your account is not linked to any of your personal data, but you can enjoy synchronized experience across your devices.

It doesn’t take much space to download Brave Browser: it’s about 200MB on your drive. Yet it has all it takes to correctly render pages, display interactive elements, and process them in real time. It’s fast and easy. You won’t have to wait for ages till it loads a page. At the same time, if you have other applications running alongside Brave, it won’t slow them down.

The interface is simpler than ever: the key elements, like History, Bookmarks, Downloads, and others, are at the top of the page, easy to access with one touch on touch-enabled devices. The address bar can be used for searching.

You can select the default Brave search engine: along with Google, Bing, and Qwant, it advertises and recommends DuckDuckGo as the most private search system. It also has a built-in Tor window. So if you’re choosing between Onion and Brave, download Windows 10 version of Brave and have both!

If you want to install Brave, you can either go to app stores or choose Brave download files and run them later, any time you want. Regardless of the platform (except for iOS), you are not bound by any app store restrictions.

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Brave Browser is a great alternative for Chrome, Firefox, or default browsers on various platforms. It’s smaller, faster, equipped with ad and bug blockers, and ready to provide seamless cross-platform experience. You can download Brave Browser for literally any popular platform.
As for 2020, Brave Browser download is available for Mac, Windows (x64 and x86), and Linux. There are also mobile versions for iOS and Android. In this Brave Browser review, we’ll explore its advantages and reasons to try the safest and fastest browser of 2020.
How to get Brave Browser Here are the instructions in PDF and DOC
What is a Brave Browser The Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile.
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